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SSC Golf Club Trophies - 5/2/13

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

In 1895, some of our members formed ‘The SSC Golf Club’ and we believe that makes it the oldest Legal Golf Club in the world to have kept its original name. An Edinburgh legal firm started a club in 1894, and called the Thistle Golf Club because the firm had offices in Thistle Court in Edinburgh, but when the founding firm merged with Brodies, the Club lost its identity.

Our Club’s activities were suspended during both the First and the Second World Wars, but apart from them, competitions were regularly held until 1996. Over the years, thirteen very valuable trophies and medals were donated. As there seemed to be no prospect of arranging further competitions, the Society, as custodians of the trophies and medals, offered them to the British Golf Museum in St Andrews on a ten-year loan, from December 2011, renewable by mutual consent. The Museum is very grateful to have these exhibits, because although they have many trophies and exhibits from public competitions, such as the British Open, they have very little by way of mementos from private clubs.


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