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Obituary - Boyd, Hew - 31/08/10

Hew Boyd, aged 81. He joined this Society in June 1956, leaving a widow, Elizabeth, four sons (David, Peter, James and Edward) and seven grandchildren. He was born in Glasgow in 1929, was educated at Glasgow Academy and the University of Glasgow and qualified as a solicitor in the early 1950s. He worked for a short time with Russell & Duncan in Glasgow, where his father, Sir John Boyd, was Senior Partner. In the early 1960s he left Glasgow for London, where he worked for Unilever as Senior Legal Adviser with responsibility for Unilever’s business outside of Europe and North America. He travelled extensively in South America, being responsible for the legal issues of acquisitions in Salvador, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, as well as Japan and India, until his retirement in 1990. Despite all these travels, and then retiring to live in London, he maintained his membership of this Society for 54 years, until his death in London.

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